Mold Production in China

Swap China provides boasts a ten-year collaboration with Due.Gi LTD, a leading company in the field of technical design and production of injection molds and molding of plastic materials.

In fact, for over thirty years, Due.Gi has been working in the field of plastics molding and product engineering, creating projects for European and non- European companies renowned worldwide.

Fifteen years ago, in order to meet the increased demands of customers looking for the right combination of low cost and high quality products, we decided to move the production of molds for plastic materials in China, where we developed a network of trusted Chinese partners and collaborators in the industry of molding by injection. Thanks to this far-sighted decision, we can now offer high quality European standards at very competitive price

– Product Engineering –

We are able to fully engineer your product, by verifying and optimizing all aspects related to functionality and production. To do this, we use mechanical design softwares such as AutoCad, SolidWorks and Moldflow. Our technical director will support you in every step of the project; together with you, he will define the design and technical-functional specifications of the piece and thus transform the design of your product into a 3D project. From 3D, it will then pass to the production of the mold and to the molding of the piece.

– Plastic Molds Production –

Due.Gi. LTD has been operating in the injection molding and plastic materials sector for more than thirty years. The experience gained over the years is complemented by the manufacturing professionalism of our Chinese technicians who always work under the supervision of our Italian technicians. We provide our customers with a fleet of machines that, by focusing on the use of technologically advanced devices, such as high-speed CNC milling machines and latest-concept erosion, guarantees optimal mold production. This allows us to ensure not only an accurate service within delivery times but also low costs and high European quality standards.

Molds: bi-material, multi-cavity, rotative, bi-injection, sandwich

We have 20 to 500 tons injection presses for plastic, rubber and silicone materials (polypropylene, polyester, PVC, polycarbonate, polyethylene, PU etc.).

– Plastics molding –

Our core business is the production of technical plastic items of small, medium and large sizes, even particularly complex ones. For this reason, if you need it, we also provide a molding service for the finished product, directing you towards the most suitable solutions to guarantee you a competitive final product cost.