Import-Export Agency

Swap China is a European leader in the import-export sector between Europe and China. We provide our knowledge of foreign markets, with a thorough focus on the Chinese market, to help small and large companies searching for reliable Chinese suppliers to buy new products.

We support companies by offering a B2B import-export experience, targeted and tailored advice, whether you are a well-structured company already working with China ASia or a company facing for the first time a purchasing or sales experience in China.

We offer a 360° support in all phases of the entire chain of purchase or sale in or to China. We are by your side from the outset, from factories scouting in China, to finding your reliable supplier, receiving samples at our local offices, following order confirmation and dispatch. If requested, we can also provide onsite plant visits and quality control checks.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the Chinese market and culture, you will have no problems with importing or exporting your products.

We can support you in the following services:

– Suppliers management –

For many companies, managing Chinese suppliers often becomes a difficult task after what seems like a first easy approach. Buying from China can thus become a waste of energy, which generally translates into a loss of money and time with no results achieved.
With over ten years of experience in Asia, we help you streamline your purchasing process by managing daily relationships with suppliers, such as product and price requests, negotiations, order placement and handling.
Putting the supplier at the center is our strategy: it means ensuring that the supply chain is always effective, in order to satisfy our customer.

– Suppliers and Product Search –

If you do not have yet trusted suppliers to contact, neither you know where to find the product you would like to market, we at Swap China can search for that product on your behalf. Not only we have a portfolio of reliable and tested Chinese suppliers with whom we have been cooperating for years, but our team works continuously on a daily basis for new products research at increasingly affordable prices.
We work in various sectors and product types: accessories, furniture, garden, exhibition materials, shopping bags, organizers, sports accessories, etc.
We adopt an objective and systematic evaluation of suppliers and their actual production capacity. A B2B fully-fledged import strategy!

– Market Research and Export in China –

If what you are looking for is not to import from China but you are thinking to commercialize your products in China, Swap China is also an export company.
We can help you in market researching and outsourcing, by choosing the most appropriate distribution channel and support you through your commercial negotiations.
We evaluate with you the best export strategy of your product. We guide you step by step in obtaining the necessary licenses and product tests to make your product valid and appealing to the Chinese market.
A B2B fully-fledged export player!

– Onsite Quality Control and Production Control –

If you want to verify the progress of your product production , test the actual product quality or simply check the working environment of your Chinese supplier, we can organize, under your specific guidelines, visits to production plants with and for you, by offering all the information and security you need.

– Verify Supplier Licenses and Contracting with Supplier –

If you have any doubts about the real existence of your supplier or if you want to make more checks about certifications and licenses, Swap China, as an import-export agency, will help you verify licenses, capital, registration address and other information requested by you. Furthermore, to avoid future problems or misunderstandings with the supplier, we can help you enter into a written agreement or contract with your Chinese supplier.