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wap China was born in 2018 from Michela Bronzatti's desire to make her knowledge of Chinese culture and society available to the worldwide market.

Michela, in fact, comes from a course study in Chinese language and civilization that led her to move and work across China for more than 10 years, where, thanks to her knowledge of the Chinese language, she mastered her talent in the import-export and trade sector between Italy and China.

This allowed Michela to be in daily contact with problems and obstacles that can be encountered when working with China and with Chinese suppliers, thus developing a strong ability for managing relationships, bargaining and problem solving within Asian markets.

Michela has therefore decided to make this passion and knowledge available to her worldwide customers by setting up, in 2018, a team of Italian and Chinese consultants, with over fifteen years of experience, characterized by wealth of inter-disciplinary knowledge in various sectors.

For us at Swap China, flexibility and reliability are important, allowing us to build solid relationships with our customers.

We offer solutions, ideas and concrete support to those who want to consolidate or start a business with China.

We are fully aware of the problems and obstacles that can be encountered when working with China, thus we are able to offer you a customer experience that meets your expectations through our solid experience and our valid problem solving.

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